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  • The Time Wasted, That is not Spent in Ireland

    In our work here we have the privilege of sharing in many peoples first experiences of native Irish culture and spirituality, some of which occur here in our island as Ireland still calls strongly for distant people to come and place their feet upon the soil. On so many occasions I have heard folk say 'I cant wait to come back' or even more telling ' I don't want to leave'. It was hard for me to truly comprehend the draw of Ireland until I spent more than a few days away from her.
  • Sovereign - Just a word? Or can it be a state of mind?


    Whenever I say this word out loud it always feels heavy upon my lips, as if the word itself carries some indefinable mass. What we can define though, is our current understanding of the word itself.


    • a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler.
    • a person who has supreme power or authority.
  • The Time Wasted, That is not Spent in Ireland

    "I feel, more and more, the time wasted, that is not spent in Ireland." - Lady Gregory.

    Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory was an Irish dramatist, folklorist and theatre manager. She co-founded the Irish Literary Theatre and the Abbey Theatre, and wrote numerous works for both companie

  • Labhair Gaeilge Liom (Speak Irish with Me) - An Invitation to Conversation

    Labhair Gaeilge Liom... Is é Gaeilge teanga na h'Éireann. Labhraíonn a lán daoine Gaeilge, usáideann rionnt daoine é gach lá.

    Speak Irish with Me... Irish is the language of Ireland. Lots of people speak Irish, some use it everyday.

  • Women Are At Once The Boldest And Most Unmanageable Revolutionaries

    "Women are at once the boldest and most unmanageable revolutionaries." Éamon de Valera may have declined to have women fight beside him in Boland's Mills during the Rising, but I'm sure that we can all be grateful to these bold unmanageable women, and the revolution through which they helped birth the Republic of Ireland.
  • I Swear by the Gods My Ancestors Swore by...

    Our world has changed, and yet for all of that forward progress, some of us find ourselves looking back. Gazing into the past. Seeking insight and meaning. Searching for a greater connection to the natural world all about us.
  • Descended from Survivors - An Gorta Mór 1845-1850

    What does it take to survive? What is needed for a person to face overwhelming adversity and not give up? What kind of will does it take to make it... when so many others don't?