About Us

At Eel & Otter Press, we design and sell Products and Books inspired by Celtic Mythology in general, and our native Irish Heritage and Pagan Spirituality specifically. 

We provide original designs based on Celtic symbols, quotes and phrases from Irish mythology, and items we feel would be pleasing to our Celtic Gods and Goddesses. We publish scholastic books that are authentic and accessible.


Lora O'Brien and Jon O'Sullivan, 2019

Lora O'Brien - Eel

Lora is a priestess of the Irish Goddess Mórrígan, primarily, who also works with Queen Medb and Manannán Mac Lír. And the Sidhe, when she absolutely has to. You can find out more about her work at LoraOBrien.ie.

Jon O'Sullivan - Otter

Jon is resistant to being called a Priest of the Dagda, but really - that's what he is. You can find his excellent stories and other writing (he goes by the pen name An Scéalaí Beag) at DagdaBard.com.


County Waterford, Ireland - Home of Eel & Otter Press.

We live and work in County Waterford, Ireland.