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  • Countess Markievicz- "short skirts and strong boots" - October 1915

    The formation of the Republic of Ireland as an independent country is a long story.
    One aspect of the Irish struggle for independence that rarely received enough mention in the history books is the role Irish women played in this struggle, and not just within the home but also in demonstrations, activism, unionization and, when all other avenues failed, radical militant action. The Easter Rising was carried forward on the brave actions of not just Ireland's men, but its women also.
  • Cabal of Crones. Crone is a State of Mind.

    Our modern world has a very mixed relationship with aging, but such was not always the case. We know from a very simple glance into our history that humanity is living longer. Of course this is all thanks to our developments in medicine, sanitation, agriculture and more. It’s worth considering the time lines for aging as it may not be as far in our past as we think.