Under the shelter of each other, people survive. - Sean Fhocail Series

Under the shelter of each other, people survive - Tshirt

The Irish language is often remarked upon for it's poetic turn of phrase and that is no more obvious in the sean fhocail - or 'old words'. Sean fhocail are well known sentences that some might see as cliché, but when each one of them is considered in more than just passing, the deeper wisdom and cultural insights can be glimpsed.

Ar scáth a chéile, a mhaireann na daoine translates as "Under the shelter of each other, people survive."

There is a very really bond that exists between peoples who have suffered under targeted oppression. Whether that oppression was based on conquest, or persecution because of things like ethnicity , skin colour, religion, sex, or gender, we see time and again how the oppressed gather together and support each other.

There is a connection that goes beyond basic human acceptance, becoming a bond of survival, not just of the individual, but of the ideals, and values of the collective.

Time and again we see the noble virtues of our species arise to combat our darkest traits. Time and again, the vulnerable weak are defended by the capable strong and it is because of that protection, that our people survive. In our current history there has never been an external oppressive threat to our species as a whole, but there have been many terrible examples of oppression that we have to to ourselves.

There are still people alive to day who would not be, or entire family trees that exist purely because they were sheltered in their time of need, be it from the deprivations of famine, the horrors of war, violence both domestic or not, and any other form of persecution. If not for the willingness of some to be open and accepting, no matter the challenges, our world would, to my mind, be a much worse place.

If you have experienced Irish culture and native Irish communities, then maybe you can appreciate how gladly we accept others and how passionately we will then defend them. This might help give you an insight into some of the deeper layers of this sean fhocail.



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