The Ogham Series - Neart - Strength

Ogham is the first written script of Ireland. Said to have been created by the God Ogma as proof of his scholarly prowess, these characters can be found all across Ireland marking prominent stones where ever you may go. Combining this ancient script with the words from the living Irish language our Ogham series hopes to bring new energy and awareness to both.

Neart is the Irish word for Strength, but it can also be read as force or power.
Any conversation about power or strength should always include some awareness of purpose. Why have power, why be strong if not to fulfill some purpose or goal. Power for the sake of itself can be very harmful, but gaining in strength on behalf of others can be healing.
Ireland has long seen both the good and bad applications of strength.
As a conquered nation we were subject to both the oppression of occupation and its military abuses, and the economic and societal abuses of an uncaring monarchy. The strength of the Irish identity, in its language, culture and lore, was taken from us leaving only the physical strength of our people. This was then harnessed by foreign landlords to generate their wealth from the abundance of our stolen island.
Yet there are many forms of strength and I am grateful that the people of my island retained their strength of character. The Irish heart of compassion, community and caring could never be taken from us and we can see the fruits of that strength today. The recent gathering in power of movements such as ARC ( the Abortion Right Campaign), the Marriage Equality groups, and the BLM (Black Lives Matter) campaigns of the last decade, to name but a few. Ireland is changed by strength and power but power does not only exist in the hands of the wealthy or influential. Strength is the domain of every person.

Neart is strength, so may you always live with Neart in your life.

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