"A good Start is Half the work". - Tús Maith Leath Na Hoibre

A Good Start is Half the Work tshirt

We are continuing our sean Fhocail, or "old Word" series with another phrase. Sean fhocail are well known sentences that some might see as cliché, but when each one of them is considered in more than just passing, the deeper wisdom and cultural insights can be glimpsed.

Tús Maith Leath Na Hoibre translates as "A good Start is Half the work".

Often in our lives we fall afoul of a difficult to perceive influence which we are exposed to all of the time in our modern world. We are constantly shown how "great" a thing is in its completed state and rarely the effort that went into getting it there. Through out the day we are exposed to so many exterior perspectives of "perfection" or even just completion, that our minds are turned by these images and videos without our active awareness.

From the fashion and fitness industries to travel and food, home and living, and so many more, we're are sold this idea of a perfect existence. Of looking a certain way, or living in a certain style.Though some of us may find this inspiring and feel energised with ambition, the downside of this influence is the damage it can do to motivation. Some of us find ourselves caught unable to take the first step because all we are so focused on is the last. Everything becomes about the final image and not the process and progress of the journey to achieve it.

This phrase reminds me that done is better than perfect, and taking even the smallest initial action or step, can often have more of an effect on our progress than we realise.


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