Irish Pagan School Est. 2017

The Irish Pagan School was founded in 2017 to provide a space for native Irish teachers and those dedicated to Irish Paganism to share in an authentic connection to Ireland and its spiritual practices.

In the years since its founding the school has grown to provide a vast range of Irish teachings, chief of which is the original guided journey practiced developed by Pagan Priest Rev. Lora O'Brien. The school has reintroduced the ancient word for tribe, Tuath, to describe the vast collection of passionate engaged people who make up our community.

We work hard to create and maintain safe, topically centric spaces for our community to gather online in social media. By setting clear expectation and consistently encouraging people towards compassion and respect our Tuath has grown into some of the most caring, supportive and fact inclined spaces around. We regularly have our school members engaging in peer to peer discussion on the classes they take.

For the lighter side of community engagement our students gather for an hour three times a week to simply share space with others who are on the same journey as them. These Live @ 5 sessions as hosted in Zoom so they are accessible to our Tuath, or tribe, no matter where they are in the world.

The truth of of any endeavour can be seen in how it grows and what it provides to those who engage with it. We are fortunate to have so many amazing people leaving reviews of our teaching and sharing how our classes and courses have helped them grow and change on their personal journey of spiritual growth.

The Irish Pagan School, providing an authentic connection to Ireland, since 2017! 


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