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  • Hear the Howl of the Cú Sidhe

    In Ireland those who heard the howl would know to seek the protection of their safe spaces. As with the black coach and the Banshee, the Cú Sídhe is a harbinger of death, so pay attention when you hear the howl of the Cú Sídhe.
  • Seal an Cailleach - Season of the Witch.

    In Irish, the word Cailleach originally signified a nun, coming from the latin word 'pallium' which means veil. Over time it came to mean 'old woman' or 'hag'. MAybe its not hard to see how this, added to the ancient beliefs of power and mysticism, then filtered through the lens of the popular media representation, leads us to it's current use for 'witch'.
  • Leannán Sidhe in the Streets. Leannán Sidhe in the Sheets. Either way, You're Fucked

    Ireland has long been regarded as a place somehow caught between two worlds. This world, a place of mortality and the mundane, and the Otherworld, a realm of magic, fantastic beasts, and Immortal beings. Today we take a look at one of these 'Sidhe', 'Fae' or 'Fairy folk' of Ireland.