Boot Camp with the Badb

Boot Camp with the Badb Tshirt

The Badb is listed as a Goddess of battle and death in Ireland's ancient lore. Said to take the form of a hooded or scald crow the Badhbh flies over the battle fields of Éireann, and that her raucous cries cause the weak of heart to quail in terror.

Yet those who experience the attention of this deity are not always doomed to fall in battle, for the Badhbh can also speak to the doom of that which limits a person, inciting them to greater feats by challenging them to overcome their own reservations. Calling to a person from atop some challenge they must face, exhorting them, not with gentle whispers, but with harsh and grating caws to rise up, take on their power and excel.

This Goddess has many feral aspects, none of which could be described as gentle or nurturing. Yet that does not mean she does not care, or at the very least have some vested interest in a person. As the trainer motivates the athlete, the mentor drives the student, or the drill Sargent pushes the soldier, the Badb's screams call upon us to go beyond what we thought of as out limits and find greater strength within.

Do you hear the call of the Badhbh? Does she speak of the end of your limitations? Maybe you too are in Boot Camp with the Badb.

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