Ogma - If You're Sound...

The Tuatha Dé Danann are seen as one of the ancestor tribes who occupied Ireland in our era of myth. They were said to be a tribe of a thousand heroes, skilled in every art having studied all form of druidry and occult lore.

Oghma served the Tuatha Dé Danann as their Champion, bringing his great strength to bear time and again in the challenges that faced his tribe. Yet it was not only the power of his arm by which he served. It was also with the power of his mind.

When challenged to prove his excellence in the the fields of though as much as the fields of battle, Oghma set to and with his hand and his knife he carved the first ogham. Some say that the union of the knife and his hand brought about the first script of Ireland, but for others it is more than a simple physical thing. It is written that Sound and Matter are the mother and father of the ogham, as each character is carved to capture the essence of a particular sound.

Ireland has come a long way from the first carved ogham, and the word 'sound' has taken on a rather uniquely cultural meaning, most often found in the northern suburb of Dublin. To many 'being sound' is an expression of a person's dependability, but also they're openness, they're acceptance and their all round positive influence.

Maybe some part of this expression is an acknowledgment of Oghma in our day to day life, but whether it is or isn't it might be fair to say that if you're Sound' it 'Matters'.


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  • 3 questions. Pronunciation of Tuatha Dá Danon? In Eel & Otter is an eel or lamprey? Mythology of eel & otter?

    Mel E Sanchez

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