Peace to the Sky - The Morrigan's Prophesy Poetry

The Tuatha Dé Danann came into Ireland as the descendants of those who had emigrated to avoid oppression. They took rule of the land and began to prosper, yet there were dark times in their future. Something which could not have escaped the notice of those gifted in prophecy.

Through the abuse of the power in his position of King, Bres brought about his own dethroning, and it was this that heralded conflict. Taking his grievance to Balor the war king of the Fomorian's he incited them to invasion. His intent to seize with conquest that which he could not keep fair and right rule.

The Tuatha Dé Danann were not to be found wanting in their preparations for it was clear to them that war would come again to Ireland. A new king came among them, Lugh, a warrior bound up in prophecy all of his own. Yet such was the belief in the prophetic powers that the Dagda, great druid of the tuath went out to consult with the Morrigan and gain from her skills, fore knowledge of the Fomorian invasion site.

In the aftermath of that second battle upon the plains of Moytura the Tuatha Dé Danann stood as victors but as with all wars there came loss. Above the plains the Morrigan, Goddess of Prophesy, Poetry and Battle cast her gaze across the ruin and spoke three poems of Ireland' future.

The first of these poems started;

Peace To Sky.
Sky To Earth.
Earth Below Sky,
Strength In Each One,
A Cup Overfull,
Filled With Honey,
Sufficiency Of Renown..


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