Badb Vibes - Oh Those Corvid Feelings.
In a scuffle shuffle of motion they alight,
Feathers black but yet always bright.
With the fall of the prey the corvid arrive,
To peck gore with their beaks so that they might survive.
- Corvid Words from an Scéalaí Beag
The raucous cry of the scald crow is not something that is easily ignored.
Among the ancient Gods of Ireland there is a collective of Goddesses known as na Morrígna.
These three sisters, Badb, Macha and Nemain fulfill many tasks often linked with fate, battle, blood and death. Of the three, the connection to the crow is strongest with the Badb. She is described as the scald crow, hovering over the battlefields of the fallen. In some stories it is she who picks and pecks at the dead to judge their worth, in other tales her cries from among the corpses drive a person to overcome their limits.

Yet not every black feathered corvid is some divine messenger or omen. Sometimes a crow is just a crow. Sometimes they are there for the crop which grow near your home. Sometimes.
For all that crows are many, the Babd is not and wise it is to heed those raucous squawks should they send a shudder through your very being, because maybe then you are feeling Badb Vibes.


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  • Absolutely love the Lore, Thank you J OS and your good Lady L OB and The Irish Pagan School.

    Maurice Rogan

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