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Rest Is Not a Reward

Our world can be a very fast paced experience. From selling our time to earn a living, to investing our time in relationships with friends and family the hours of the day disappear quicker than we often realise. When the next day comes, the cycle starts again in a spiral of exhaustion that sleep does not fully restore.

Rest is not a reward.

Many of us have become so linked to the cycle of effort and exhaustion, the obligation to 'make the most of your time' leave us with feelings of guilt whenever exhaustion forces us to stop. We are told that we can earn our vacation time, or if we put in a lot of effort now we can get our rewards later.

The responsibilities and obligations that we pile upon ourselves either by financial or social contracts can feel like success. We are exposed to media that constantly reminds us that happiness and satisfaction come from the gathering of wealth, or the approval of others around us, but what if this was not true..?

Like all machines that need to be stopped to prevent break downs, of fields that need to be left fallow for a season, our rest is not a reward for our efforts, its a necessity for our survival.

Take the time you need. Invest in yourself by investing in your rest.

Remember: Rest is not a Reward!

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