Proud to Be a tree Hugger

Proud Tree Hugger.
Humanity's relationship with trees extends further back than our earliest ancestors.

These amazing arboreal entities form such an important link with our planet's ecosystem that we can literally trace the impact of deforestation on global climate. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a by-product of human existence, and release oxygen, a necessity for human existence.
Yet for all of the good that these entities do to ensure the continual survival of our species and our planet, there are still many issues with how humanity teat these entities. Swathes of the rain forests in the Amazon are still logged, removing one of the biggest carbon sinks that remain in our world. Stretches of land given over for reforestation, are instead used for cultivating fast growing soft woods which will invariably be harvested for their lumber by machines which almost undo any good the forest could have done for our climate.
Still, whenever we make the time to seek out the forests of our lands, to visit with these creatures that are in some species centuries in the growing, there can be a profound effect upon us.
There have been many scientific studies exploring the impact of 'tree bathing' where people spend even a fraction of their day immersed in a forest. Everything from reduced anxiety and stress, to a deeper sense of peace and fulfilment have been found beneath the leaf covered limbs of trees.

For me I find it easy to say that I am Proud to Be a Tree Hugger

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