Ogham Series - Rath - Prosperity

Ogham Series - Rath - Prosperity

Ogham is the first written script of Ireland. Said to have been created by the God Ogma as proof of his scholarly prowess, these characters can be found all across Ireland marking prominent stones where ever you may go. Combining this ancient script with the words from the living Irish language our Ogham series hopes to bring new energy and awareness to both.

Rath is the Irish word for prosperity.

It could also be read favour, gift, or bounty. When we speak about prosperity a majority of us may default to thoughts of wealth, of affluence or luxury. Though these considerations can and do call within the bounds of prosperity, I would suggest that thoughts like, security, health, success, and community also make us prosperous.

The word 'rath' exists in Irish text dating all the way back to the 11th century, texts that use language which has been dated as belonging to the 9th century. These manuscripts such as the book of Kells, the book of Fermoy, shoe that our people have always considered prosperity as important, but that in this time before currency, prosperity did mean something other than coins.

This word has not changes in the thousands of years of its use. It has always spoken of the connections that exist between us. From its earliest use as a bestowal or grant of property or chattels from a lord to their tuath, to the grace or favour that we show to each other and we share in our gifts or bounty.

Maybe prosperity is less about the value of that which is transacted, and more about the bond upon which such transactions can be made.

What do you think?

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