Meditation is not Medication... but it helps

Meditation is not Medication...but it helps

One of the basic tenants of all forms of paganism is meditation and introspection.


Healthy spiritual growth requires an active awareness of self and the best mechanism to create and maintain such an awareness is meditation and introspection.


Our world has become a lot more comfortable with the concept of meditation and there are many scientific studies that talk about the benefits, mental, physical and emotional, that a regular meditation practice can have on a person.


Yet there are very real and impactful forms of illness which exist in our world and not everything can be treated with positive mental attitudes, correctly aligned energy centres, or adequately cleansed crystals. Sometimes the best medicine is in fact, medicine. We now have centuries of medical knowledge built up by scientific exploration and experimentation. Where our ancestors chewed willow bark for pain, we can now take aspirin. Where our ancestors incarcerated or exorcised people with for fits and seizures, we can not correctly diagnose a range of neurodiversities and take medicinal support to aid out brains production of appropriate neurotransmitters.

We have come a long way and the medical knowledge of today is based upon the roots of the past, refined and revised over time. Now that we are living longer and more healthily we have the time to explore other forms of self care, other avenues of achieving a safe balanced existence. Meditation is one of those methods and though it cannot replace the benefits of medicine, it can at least aid us in reaching a more well rounded existence.

Meditation is not Medication...but it can help.


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