Faith is Found in Uncertainty. Believe...

Faith is Found in Uncertainty.


Life is messy. Sure there are times when progress comes easy and smiles are frequent, but there are also times when every step we take feels laboured, the progress uncertain, and smiles few and far between.

What then do we do? What makes us get up again and again and try, no matter the perceived lack of reward?

Its a very personal question and only you will know the answer that applies to you, but for many of us, the answer is faith. Now faith is not a religious thing. For some its not even a spiritual thing. Faith can be defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Whether that someone is yourself, a deity, or someone close to you, or the something is an ideology, a dogma, or even humanity itself, the act of having complete trust can be very empowering.

The thing is, trust can be easily spoken of, promised, or even broken, but I would suggest that it is only in the times of trial, times when the outcome is far from certain, that trust becomes Faith. It is only in those times when things seem their darkest, that we realise what it is that we are holding on to. What it is that raises our chins from our chests and gives us hope for tomorrow.

What ever that is for you, you may only find it in the difficult days, so don't give in. Move forward.

Faith is Found in Uncertainty. Believe...

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