I Just want to Sip Coffee and Read Mythology


We live in a very full and busy world. The days seems to start earlier and earlier, yet end later and later. Sleep is no longer treated as a necessity, more of a luxury. We are raised and educated to become part of the economic cycle of production and consumption, and honestly... it all gets a bit much.

From the first buzzing, blipping or beeping of our phones, the day is filled with distraction. From folk looking for our attention to social media spaces designed to ensnare our minds in an every scrolling feed of images, reels, blurbs, vids and screenshots. We are at the beck and call of so many people, groups and indeed companies now a days, its easy to see how we 'loose time' to the ever present black screens around us.

Thankfully there is a growing awareness and acceptance that a healthy balanced life, must include as much Rest and Relaxation time as it does period of effort. For me there is nothing quite like settling into a comfortable chair, warm mug in hand and a great book to fill my mind with images of our grand origins, our ancient wonders, epic heroes, and cruel villains. Reading the mythology of a culture can really help us connect to some of the deep perspectives of a people and the land that they once inhabited.

Sometimes the world can be forgotten because I Just want to Sip Coffee and Read Mythology

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