The Dagda - Do the Work

Among the Tuatha Dé Danann there was a great chieftain, known as their God of Druidry and occult knowledge. He possessed the same abilities as all of their warriors, sorcerers, and cup bearers combined.

With his harp he would turn the seasons, his cauldron would satisfy any company that came to it, and with his club take life and restore it.

No small character by virtue of his power, names, role and indeed stature - the Dagda could command high respect for his abilities. Yet among the Tuatha Dé Danann Nuada, known as Airgetlám, was their first king. Under his judgment the Dagda served, and upon the plains of Moytura he battled the Fir Bolg, breaking their lines so that one hundred and fifty might follow in his wake.

When the kingship moved to Bres son of Elatha of the Fomorians, the Dagda again served his king by digging the trenches of Rath Bres, building the fortifications that would provide security for his people. Now at this time the Dagda laboured mightily and so was his meal was required to be mighty - so that the rewards would match the efforts.

By Bres' ill judgement of the Dagda was the king's rule shown to be failed, and in that act were the seeds sown for his downfall... and indeed the war with the Fomorians.

When battle came the Dagda took upon him the deeds offered by all of the others, the sorcerers summoning the earth, the cupbearers summoning the waters, and the draoí summoning fire from the air.

With his efforts, under the leadership of Lugh, the tribe of Danú were victorious - and in the aftermath it was the Dagda who stood with the Mórrígan as she declared the battle results, and spoke her prophesy for Ireland.

After Lugh, the Dagda took up the kingship of Ireland and served his people for eighty years. He cleared a forest in a single night, drew out rivers across the island, set forth the boundaries of the provinces, gave each of his tribe land and holdings of their own, and banished a monster and the sea itself from the land to form the plain of Mag Muirthemne.

All of this the Dagda did whilst adhering to the principles of his people. Keeping to the rules and expectations of hospitality. Speaking Right Judgement. Ensuring reciprocal justice.

The Dagda is a God of labour, but also a God of balance and rest. Of getting what you deserve for the efforts you put in. Honouring Him is not as hard as you might think, it can be quite easy in fact... just Do the Work.

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