Goibhniu - Warrior Smith of the Tuatha Dé Danann

The Tuatha Dé Danann came to Ireland as immigrants descended from emigrants. With them they brought all manner of occult or hidden knowledge. It was said that they possessed mastery in every art, craft and magic. The mastery of metal smithing and weapon making sat with Goibhniu.

When Nuada led his people into Ireland they came into conflict with the existing tribe here, known as the Fir Bolg. In the first exchange between envoys of the tribes, Sraeng, the Fir Bolg Champion, noted the fantastic spear in the possession of the Tuatha Dé Danann envoy. This spear was made by Goibhniu.

The two tribes exchange knowledge of weapon craft so that the coming conflict, known as the first battle of Moytura, would be a fair trial of skill, and not carried by either side's unique technology.

During the conflict, Goibhniu worked his forge day and night so that at the beginning of each day's battle, his tribe would have the best weapons; finely crafted swords, spears, and the newly acquired knowledge of javelins.

Goibhniu's skill with weapon smithing was so great that it was said no weapon crafted by him could slay him. This was put to the test in conflict against Ruadan, the son of the Goddess Bríg (Brighid) and the fallen King Bres.

Ruadan threatened Goibhniu with a spear, only to be informed that it could not slay him as it was by his hand crafted. Ruadan casts the spear into Goibhniu, only to find the smith's words truthfully told. Goibhniu removes the spear from his body and with it slays Ruadan.

Goibhniu is listed with Creidne and Luchtaine as the Trí Dée Dána, the 'three gods of art', and is said to have offered great hospitality - fixing feasts fit for the Gods of Ireland.

Goibhniu's story is one of the power of creation; for in the act of crafting an item is the intimate knowledge of that item, as it comes into being with your own hand. When one possesses complete and intimate knowledge of a thing, then there is no mystery to it... and in a way, no harm that can come from it.

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