Go Deep with the Mórrígan - When Working with the Great Queen, Be Prepared

The Mórrígan, Ireland's Goddess of poetry, prophesy, battle and fate. The Great Queen of the Otherworld. Judge of the worthiness of heroes and Gods alike, architect of destiny... all matters are within the scope of her rule.

From the time of the Tuatha Dé Danann there were many Gods and Goddesses, but there are few that stand out as remarkably as The Mórrígan.

In the time of trouble leading up the Fomorian invasion, Nuada abdicates the throne so that Lugh may lead the tribe. Even this is not seen as enough and so their 'Good God' the Dagda sets out to seek aid. He travels across the land to a ford upon the river Unshin.

There upon the boundary of earth and water, surrounded in air and warmed by sun fire, he meets with a woman. They share in each other, as husband and wife, and the space is called the bed of the couple.

This woman is the Mórrígan, and she looks upon the skeins of fate to seek the future of the coming conflict. Yet with her prophesy given, still she offers more for those who she considers her own. When the battle comes she will go amongst the enemies and take from them the valour of their kidneys. What promises the Mórrígan makes, she keeps, for on the day of conflict she comes to Lugh and the tribe bearing fists full of the blood of their enemy.

The day is carried by the battles of the Gods, but it is by no means complete until the witness is taken - for who can say what deeds occurred without proper record kept? It is the Mórrígan who bears this witness, reciting a grand poem declaring the battle and all that she sees. When asked what comes next, she offers another poem layered with her prophetic gift, declaring the future of Ireland.

The Mórrígan is an expert at the long game - for her perspective is not measured in days or months, but in decades and indeed centuries. She will always take that which is of use to Her, but for those she calls there is greater personal work required.

To achieve that which She expects, one must gather their valour and be ready to gaze upon the battlefield, for in Her service we can gain glimpses of fate to aid in the manifestation of Her design.

This design came about during the opening session of the annual Meeting the Mórrígan Intensive Programme, taught by Lora O'Brien. Every year her students are expected to go deep in their service of the Goddess.

So are you ready? To face yourself and the battlefield of your soul? Are you ready to Go Deep with the Mórrígan?

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