Brighid - Forged by Fire

Among the Tuatha Dé Danann there are many Gods and Goddesses who excel at some skill or other, from the healing of Dain Cecht, the judgement of Nuada, the poetry of Oghma, and the metal working of Goibhniu.

Few there are that can claim more than one skill to their name and fewer still that could claim mastery of those skills. One such Goddess is Brighid, known also as Bríg.

Skilled in the arts of healing, the ways of poetry, she also excels in her abilities as a smith, working all of the tools around a forge fire.

As a healer she works with those who have need of her gentle hand and caring touch. As a poet she works words for those who need to find expression within themselves, and in some way gain clarity through their works.

Yet Brighid is also a Goddess of elemental fire and wielding her hammer, she has been known to beat many a fine shape from the raw materials with which she is presented. Those who work with this Goddess are on occasion cast into the transformative fires and then placed between her anvil and hammer.

Brighid is an expert at what she does and knows exactly how much her material can take, even though we may not. Those who come through this process can truly be considered forged by fire.


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  • Dian Cecht, not Dain Cecht..:-)

    Fiona ni'Giollarua

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