A Body Made of Daggers - The Mórrígan by An Scéalaí Beag

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We had a recent question from our community regarding the source of the text for one of our best selling T-Shirts and I realized that, though it stands on its own, sometimes the back story adds to the appreciation.

We put a lot of heart into our work as it's something we are both passionate about. Our ancient past is very important to us and we feel that it should be shared as ethically and honestly as we can. So, there are regular deity discussions and brain pickings in our household, as well as our office space!

With regards to this specific question - 'What is the background to this quote?'...

“A Body Made Of Daggers. Forged In The Heat Of Her Rage. Sharpened Upon The Wheel Of Her Intent.”

Well, I guess there is a bit of a story to it. I will try not let old habits send us down a cascade of words and take up your entire day reading a blog post. So, the short answer is that this is a descriptor of how I view a facet of the Mórrígan. It's not an excerpt from any specific larger work, as yet.

The direct context of the quote comes from a dialogue between Lora and myself. As mentioned above, we discuss our relationships with our deities frequently, as part of our daily lived practice as Irish Pagans - a Dagda bard and a Mórrígan priest under the one roof. Oh, you can only imagine the conversations.

Still, back to the T-Shirt; I had mentioned how, to my mind, the Mórrígan always seems to have a dagger about her person. Just when you think she is disarmed... another dagger! To which Lora responded: 'She has a body made of daggers'. The idea struck me as rather evocative and from there I crafted the rest of the words straight away. 

I write under the the pen name an Scéalaí Beag, and though the majority of my stories concern the Dagda, there are many in which the Mórrígan also appears. She is his mate, his partner, his equal after all.

If I was to direct you to a specific story which correlates with this quote, it would be the Warrior's Path, and you can read it on my story telling website here: https://www.dagdabard.com/the-third-string/the-warriors-path

So, out of all of the T-Shirts we have have designed, this one is in fact a true collaboration of thought and word from both Lora and myself.

I really hope that this has given you an insight into not only this shirt, but also into who we are as Eel & Otter.

As a Dagda guy I would hate you to go away unsatisfied.

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  • Love that story and this shirt!

    Mike Snyder

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